Genda #1. Body as Packaging

Fundamental Acts

Yes Yes Yes. Alternative Press. 1966-1977, from Provo to Punk [Second Edition]

Stefano Graziani. Fruits and Fireworks

Alighiero Boetti. Materiali inediti raccolti

Boxer. An Anthology of Writings on Boxing and the Visual Arts

Helix. vol. 11. no. 14

Carol Rama: Appassionata

Outlaws of America. The Underground Press and its Context: Notes on a Cultural Revolution

David Shrigley: Why We Got The Sack From The Museum

Art – Rite #19

Arnulf Rainer. New Photographs.

Pixel World

John Waters. Change of Life

Wolfgang Tillmans: Portraits

Nedko Solakov: Mess

The East Village Other. Vol. 3 no. 6

Gandalf #27

Jim Lambie. Male Stripper

Sex Pistols file

Tony Cragg. Vier Arbeiten

Avalanche. Winter 1975


Yoshio TAKASE & GERIBARA 5. Toilet [Benjo]

A Fantasy for Allan Kaprow