Genda #1. Body as Packaging

Fundamental Acts

Yes Yes Yes. Alternative Press. 1966-1977, from Provo to Punk [Second Edition]

Stefano Graziani. Fruits and Fireworks

Alighiero Boetti. Materiali inediti raccolti

Arte & Tecnologie. Comunicazione estetica e tecnoscienze

Mark B. N. Hansen: New Philosophy for New Media,

Soho – Downtown Manhattan

2A+PBODY No. 0

Liam Gillick , Underground (Fragments of Future Histories) n° 03

Meschac Gaba: Library of the Museum of Contemporary African Art

Prix Ars Electronica’97

Nobert Wiesneth:Fotografie

Ulrich Rückriem. Texte 1964-1987

Reflections in a Looking Glass

The Making of a Photobook: Sanne Sannes’ Maquette for Diary of an Erotomaniac

Mike Kelley

Matteo Basilé

Helen Van Meene: Untitled

Pied a la lune. Strand- und Klippenführer für die Schweiz

Jules Spinatsch

Jianzhu Xuebao #6/1958

Jeffrey Shaw: A user’s manual. From Expanded Cinema to Virtual Reality

Localizer 1.0

Sigmar Polke. Achsenzeit / Axial Age