Anders Petersen – City Diary 23,5×31; pagg. 216 (3 voll); rileg. rigida.
Editore: Steidl, New York , 2012.

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To Anders Petersen everything is private and what is private is everything. What is private exposes the very nature of humanity, what binds us and what lies between us. Petersen’s photographs almost appear to be the work of a wide-eyed innocent, a young boy in a state of permanent amazement traveling through an alien wonderland with its secret love encounters and bewildering adult conflicts. His pictures are intimate-lovers in the night, people in the street, inmates in Swedish prisons, patrons in a Hamburg bar and disclose often unpleasant details with a probing, somewhat detached eye. In the world of Anders Petersen, all things remain incomprehensible and strange, though often indecently enticing. A woman’s gaze into the camera turns into an unsettling invitation, often of the forbidden kind.

Anders Petersen’s books are some of the most collectable produced by any living photographer. City Diary is the beginning of an open-ended book series, commencing with 3 volumes in October 2009, which will be added to periodically. Together they will comprise one of the most exciting book works ever made.


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