Krak: Workmanship and Mastership: Passing the Test

Testi: Lomme Freek, van Rijn Ilse et al., pagg. 80; rileg. brossura.
Editore: Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2011.
€ 29,00

Innovation is the keyword that spans a bridge between now and the future. Innovation manipulates new materials, new techniques and new means of expression – inspired by cultural conscience. Innovation allows us to think outside the box, shakes up the status quo and shapes-up our culture’s future. ? Krak shows the experiments in which progressive, cultural innovation is taking shape, step by step informing on this cutting edge chain of production. Never before has an experimental production process been so explicitly worked through and informatively presented. Krak, workmanship and mastery: the putting to the test shows the extraordinary value of the experiment in production and presentation, not in terms of market value but through the production of progressive cultural expressions that expand and unlock new perspectives. It lays bare the contours within which cultural innovation in our material culture is able to exist. ?


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