Sex In America: Competition For Denmark

Testi: Gilmore Donald H.., pagg. 220; BN e COL; rileg. brossura.
Editore: Greenleaf Classics, San Diego, 1971.
€ 130,00

Covers censorship and its gradual fading in the US, and erotic portrayals in Danish publications and film vs. American. From the Danish magazine Color Climax to the Swedish mag Private, Gilmore explores the realm of Scandinavian pornography to see where American porn stands in relation, and where it might go. Chapters include Erotic Fiction, Motion-Picture Eroticism,, Group Sex Activity, Special Interest Areas, Erotic Cartoons, and the like. Examples range from the explcit and hardcore to pop culture, reproducing photos, movie stills, advertisements, book covers, and cartoons, as well as several panels of Tijuana Bibles (or “eight-pagers”; none in its entirety), R. Crumb’s “Artsy Farty,” etc. GP607


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