"artschwager richard"

Caldic Collection: Artists’ Books


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Afterimage. Drawing Trough Process

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Whitney Museum Sculpture Annual 1970


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Multiples. The First Decade


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Artschwager, Richard

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Hyper Real

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Richard Artschwager The Hydraulic Door Check

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Richard Artschwager – Three Books – Wall Works, (With) drawn from Life, Floor Works

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A Minimal Future? . Art as Object 1958-1968

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Richard Artschwager. Archipelago

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Richard Artschwager. Complete Multiples

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Parkett #23 Richard Artschwager

paperback. Publisher: Parkett, Zürich,.

Richard Artschwager

Text: Clearwater Bonnie. paperback. Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, 2003.

The painting of Modern Life. 1960s To Now

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When Attitudes Become Form – Bern 1969 / Venice 2013

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