"boltanski christian"

Cover to Cover. A Spectrum of Artists’ Books

cm 20x12; pp. 144; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: NAI Uitgevers, Rotterdam, 2002.

Christian Boltanski. 6 September

Text: Martin Jean-Hubert. cm 10x17; pp. 144; 32 COL; hardcover. Publisher: Charta, Milano, 2005.

Christian Boltanski. Les Suisses morts

Text: Metken Günter. cm 24x18,5; pp. 100; 79 BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main , 1991.

Christian Boltanski. Zeit

cm 14x21; pp. 64; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Gina Kehayoff, München, 1996.

Christian Boltanski

Text: Gumper Lynn. cm 27x26,5; pp. 192; COL and BW; hardcover with dust jacket. Publisher: Flammarion, Paris, 1994.

Fundacio Espai Poblenou

Text: Moure Gloria. pp. 224; 128 COL e BW ills.; hardcover. Publisher: Ediciones Poligrafa, Barcelona, 2002.

Christian Boltanski. Catalogue. Books, Printed Matter, Ephemera 1966-1991

Text: Flay Jennifer, Metken Günter. pp. 211; hardcover. Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 1992.

Inside. Four Collections of Artists’ Books


Text: Calza Leda, Molinari Elisa. cm 10,5x16,5; pp. 244; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: A&Mbookstore Edizioni, Milano, 2013.

French Schmuck #6


Light grey cover with printed labels on the front and back, bound dos-à-dos. Unpaginated (98 pp.) Compiled by Jean-Clarence Lambert and designed by David Mayor. Inserted is the booklet by Ben Vautier, ‘Me Ben I Sign’. Artists who made contributions include: Robert Filliou; Jean le Gac; Christian Dotremont; Marcel Broodthaers; Christian Boltanski; Alain Fleischer; Jochen Gerz; Emilio Galli. Publisher: Beau Geste Press, Devon, 1974.

Eyes Lies and Illusions.Drawn from the Werner Nekes Collection


Text: Warner Marina, Mannoni Laurent. cm 22x26; pp. 240; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Hayward Gallery, London, 2005.

L’ombra della ragione. L’idea del Sacro nell’identità europea nel XX secolo

Text: Prodi Romano, Vattimo Gianni et al. cm 22x28; pp. 336; 161 COL e 43 BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Charta, Milano, 2000.

Christian Boltanski. Scratch

cm 22x15; pp. 120; hardcover. Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2002.

Christian Boltanski. Lessons of Darkness

Text: Gumpert Lynn, Boltanski Christian et al. cm 21x30; pp. 120; 100 ill. BW ills. e 15 Col; paperback. Publisher: MoCA, Los Angeles , 1988.

Hotel Carlton Palace Chambre 763


Text: Obrist Hans Ulrich. cm 10x15; cartoon box. Publisher: Oktagon, Stuttgart, 1993.

Christian Boltanski. Inventar

Text: Schneede Uwe M., von Drathen Doris et al. cm 19x24,5; pp. 136; COL and BW; hardcover. Publisher: Kunsthalle, Hamburg, 1991.