"clark larry"

Fashion Photo for the Nineties

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Art – A Sex Book

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Larry Clark Video Stills-set


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The Photography Book

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Larry Clark: Kiss the Past Hello


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Los Angeles 2003-2006 Volume 1

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Big Sky #6

staple binding. Publisher: Big Sky, Bolinas, 1973.

Emotions & Relations

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C International Photo Magazine 08: Glass Hero

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Public Information . Desire, Disaster, Document

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Larry Clark. Kids

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Beautiful Losers. Contemporary Art and Street Culture

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Ed Templeton: The Cemetery of Reason

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Photography between covers: Interviews with photo-bookmakers

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Nudo & Crudo Corpo sensibile Corpo visibile / Naked & Raw – Sensitive Body Visible Body

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Richard Prince 4×4

Text: Kawachi Taka, Clark Larry. cm 20x30; COL; paperback. Publisher: powerHouse Books, New York, 1997.