"clemente francesco"

Cover to Cover. A Spectrum of Artists’ Books

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Francesco Clemente. Pastelle 1973-1983

Text: Crone Rainer, Koerner Joseph Leo et al. cm 22,5x30; pp. 198; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Prestel Verlag, Münich, 1984.

Francesco Clemente. The Book of the Sea

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Francesco Clemente Denim Self Portraits

Text: Pellizzi Francesco. cm 24x32; pp. 30; COL; paperback. Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2002.

Enciclopedia della Parola.Dialoghi d’artista. 1968 -2008


Text: Bonito Oliva Achille. cm 15x21; pp. 568; 83 COL; paperback. Publisher: Skira, Milano, 2007.

Francesco Clemente. Bestiarium

Text: Ammann Jean-Christophe. cm 24x18,5; pp. 60; 8 COL; paperback. Publisher: MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main , 1991.

Francesco Clemente. Moscow

Text: Voznesensky Andrei. cm 23,8x18,3; pp. 46; 16 ill. Col e 9 BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Bruno Bischofberger, Zürich, 1991.

Metamorphosis Il tempo della mutazione / The Time of Change

Text: Gian Ferrari Claudia, Brusatin Manlio. cm 17x24; pp. 80; 22 COL 6 BICR 3B/N; paperback. Publisher: Charta, Milano, 1997.

Francesco Clemente. Testa Coda

Text: McClure Michael, Koepplin Dieter. cm 23x27; pp. 112; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Rizzoli International, New York, 1991.

Mimmo Paladino: graphic work 1974-2001

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Drawing People: The Human Figure in Contemporary Art

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Andy Warhol: The Day the Factory Died

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Francesco Clemente. Gratis [131/500]


Text: von Fustemberg Adelina. cm 21,5x26,5; pp. 18; COL; paperback. Publisher: Effebiemme, Genova, 1978.

Subversive Practices Art under Conditions of Political Repression: 60s-80s / South America / Europe

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Looks et Tenebrae

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Caldic Collection: Artists’ Books


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