"korine harmony"

Purple Fashion #10 + Pigxtras, The Harmony Korine Purple Book

cm 21x28; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Purple, Paris, 2008.

Ari Marcopoulos. Flow

Text: Spaninks Angelique, Sigler Jeremy et al. cm 15x21; pp. 184; paperback. Publisher: Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam, 2006.

Larry Clark. Kids

Text: Korine Harmony, Clark Larry. cm 21x18,5; COL; paperback. Publisher: Grove Press, New York, 1995.

Harmony Korine. The bad son

Text: Kitagawa Issay. Publisher: Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, 1988.

Collection Agnes B

Text: Glissant Edouard, Magnin André et al. cm 18,5x23,5; pp. 304; 250 COL e 32 BW ills.; hardcover. Publisher: JRP Ringier, Zürich, 2008.

Harmony Korine. Shooters

pp. 134; hardcover. Publisher: Gagosian Gallery, New York, 2014.

Purple #6


Text: Fleiss Elein. cm 16x22; pp. 96; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Association Belle Haleine, Paris, 2000.

Pass the Bitch Chicken


cm 21x32; pp. 256; 252 BW ills.; Publisher: Holzwarth Publications, Berlin, 2001.

Beautiful Losers. Contemporary Art and Street Culture

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Jürgen Teller: Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009

pp. 256; hardcover. Publisher: Steidl, New York , 2009.

Harmony Korine: Pigxote


cm 19,5x25,5; pp. 96; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Nieves, Zürich, 2009.

Harmony Korine: The Trash Humpers

Text: Bovier Lionel. cm 20,5x28; pp. 136; 48 COL e 30 BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: JRP Ringier Kunstverlag AG, 2011.

Gucci by Harmony Korine

cm 19x25,5; pp. 370; COL; paperback. Publisher: , 2019.