"mayor david"

French Schmuck #6


Light grey cover with printed labels on the front and back, bound dos-à-dos. Unpaginated (98 pp.) Compiled by Jean-Clarence Lambert and designed by David Mayor. Inserted is the booklet by Ben Vautier, ‘Me Ben I Sign’. Artists who made contributions include: Robert Filliou; Jean le Gac; Christian Dotremont; Marcel Broodthaers; Christian Boltanski; Alain Fleischer; Jochen Gerz; Emilio Galli. Publisher: Beau Geste Press, Devon, 1974.

General Schmuck – Cullompton, #5

Text: Ehrenberg Felipe, Mayor David. cm 21x29; pp. 92; Publisher: Beau Geste Press, Devon, 1974.

Beau Geste Press

Text: Motard Alice, Waldeck Mila et al. cm 23x28,5; pp. 472; paperback. Publisher: Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Berlin, 2020.