Artist's book

BOOKS! Dagli anni sessanta ad oggi. Libri d’artista dal fondo Liliana Dematteis in deposito al Mart di Trento e Rovereto

Text: Gazzotti Melania. cm 24x27; pp. 128; 60 COL; paperback. Publisher: Silvana Editoriale, Milano, 2009.

Carol Bove. Plants & mammals

Text: Lariviere Janine. cm 14x22; pp. 100; COL; paperback. Publisher: Horticultural Society, New York, 2009.

Miho Kajioka – So it goes

BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Self published, 2019.

Carl Andre – 144 blocks & stones

pp. 38; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Portland Center for the visual arts, Portland, 1973.

Jacques Andre. Do it!

cm 17,5x23,5; pp. 120; COL; paperback. Publisher: Triangle Books, Brussels, 2016.

Dario Salamone. The Nature of Things 1. Notes, Leftovers

cm 15x22,5; pp. 128; COL; paperback. Publisher: Self published, 2019.


cm 20x30; pp. 272; COL; hardcover. Publisher: Montez Press, 2019.

Steve Carr – Variations For Troubled Hands

pp. var; paperback. Publisher: Perimeter Editions, Melbourne, 2017.

Le Corbusier. Des canons, des munitions… merci ! Des logis, s.v.p.

cm 28,5x23; pp. 148; hardcover. Publisher: Editions de l’Architecture d’aujourd’hui, Boulogne, 1937.

Johnathan Monk. & Milk. Today Is Just a Copy of Yesterday

cm 15,2x23,5; pp. 64; 51 COL; paperback. Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2004.

John Baldessari. Zorro. Two Gestures and One Mark [signed, #76/800]

Text: Obrist Hans Ulrich. cm 15x10,5; pp. 76; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Oktagon, Stuttgart, 1998.

Pinocchio : Ein Lineares Programm / A Linear Program

paperback. Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 1969.

Munari. I libri

Text: Maffei Giorgio. cm 17x24; pp. 288; paperback. Publisher: Maurizio Corraini, Mantova, 2008.

Walter Pfeiffer. Scrapbooks 1969-1985

Text: Jaeggi Martin. pp. 460; 224 COL; hardcover. Publisher: Patrick Frey, Zürich, 2012.

Giuseppe Penone. Alfabeto 1970

Text: Penone Giuseppe. cm 13x18,5; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Bookstorming, Paris, 2003.

Marcel Broodthaers: Eloge du Sujet

staple binding. Publisher: Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, 1974.