Critical Texts and Essays

Dread: The Dizziness of Freedom


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Communist Propaganda Techniques

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Pino Pascali

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L’arte nell’era postmediale. L’esempio di Marcel Broodthaers

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Art & Language in Practice vol. 1 Illustrated Handbook

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Rodney Graham. Island Thought


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Artspeak. A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords

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Videotapes. Arte Tecnica Storia


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Marden, Novros, Rothko. Painting in the Age of Actuality


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L’image au service de la rèvolution: photographie, surrèalisme, politique

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Contemporary Art of Africa

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Minimalism in Germany: The Sixties

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Design Act – Socially and Politically Engaged Design Today. Critical Roles and Emerging Tactics

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Race, Sex and Gender in Contemporary Art

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Il verosimile filmico

Text: Della Volpe Galvano. paperback. Publisher: Samonà e Savelli, Roma, 1971.