Critical Texts and Essays

Structural Film Anthology

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A Century of Artists Books

Text: Castleman Riva. cm 25x28,5; pp. 264; COL and BW; hardcover with dust jacket. Publisher: MoMA Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1994.

The Analysis of Performance Art: A Guide to It’s Theory & Practice

Text: Howell Anthony. pp. 254; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Routledge, Andover, 1999.


Text: Bonito Oliva Achille. cm 21x21; pp. 400; 350 ill. COL; hardcover. Publisher: Skira, Milano, 2001.

Les Nouveaux Realistes

Text: Francblin Catherine. cm 24x31,5; pp. 200; COL and BW; hardcover with dust jacket. Publisher: Editions du Regard, Paris, 1997.

Pornography. The Production and Consumption of Inequality

Text: Dines Gail, Jensen Robert et al. cm 15x23; pp. 190; paperback. Publisher: Routledge, Andover, 1998.

About Face. Andy Warhol Portraits

Text: Baume Nicholas, Meyer Richard et al. pp. 128; 80 ill. COL; paperback. Publisher: M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 1999.

Two-Way Mirror Power . Selected Writings by Dan Graham on His Art

Text: Graham Dan, Alberro Alexander. cm 15x23; pp. 200; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 1999.

Dan Graham. The Suburban City

Text: Graham Dan, Herzog & de Meuron et al. cm 20x25; pp. 48; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, 1996.


Text: Le Feuvre Lisa. pp. 240; paperback. Publisher: Whitechapel, London , 2010.

Digital Folklore: To Computer Users, with Love and Respect

Text: Espenschied Dragan, Lialina Olia. cm 17x25; pp. 286; COL; paperback. Publisher: Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, 2009.

Kunst als Lebensritual – Art as Living Ritual


Text: Haberl Horst Gerhard. cm 36x30,5; pp. 166; COL and BW; hardcover. Publisher: Pool, Graz, 1974.

Warhol’s Dream

Text: Anton Saul. paperback. Publisher: JRP Ringier, Zürich, 2007.

Octavio Paz. Apparenza Nuda – L’opera di Marcel Duchamp

Text: Paz Octavio. cm 22x13; pp. 148; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Abscondita , Milano, 2000.