Critical Texts and Essays

Ghost in the Shell. Photography and the Human Soul, 1850-2000

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Orientamenti nuovi nell’architettura africana


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5K Confinement

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The Thought takes shape. Mostra collettiva in versione teatrale

Text: d’Avossa Antonio , Roda Aldo et al. cm 14,5x21; pp. 104; paperback. Publisher: Charta, Milano, 2001.

Francis Bacon. Una vita dorata nei bassifondi


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Jean-Jacques Lebel: Barricades


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Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point Press. Making Prints, Doing Art

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Art in Theory 1900-2000. An Anthology of Changing Ideas

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Clement Greenberg. The Collected Essays and Criticism Affirmations and Refusals, 1950-1956 Vol. 3

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Knowledge: aspects of conceptual art

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Arte e architettura – nuove corrispondenze

Text: Dall’Olio Lorenzo. cm 12,5x19; pp. 94; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: Testo & Immagine, Milano, 1997.

Inside the Visible. An Elliptical Traverse of 20th Century Art. In, of, and from the feminine

Text: Bois Yve-Alain, Kwon Miwon et al. cm 21x27,5; pp. 496; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 1996.

Beyond Entropy: When Energy Becomes Form

Text: Rabolli Pansera Stefano, Egashira Shin et al. pp. 172; paperback. Publisher: AA Publications, London, 2011.

Ufficio per la immaginazione preventiva


Text: Menna Filiberto, Falasca Franco et al. cm 13x23,5; pp. 156; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: Massimo Marani Editore, Roma, 1976.

Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm: Realism versus Cynicism


Text: Overbeek Tessa, De Bruyne Paul et al. pp. ple; paperback. Publisher: Valiz, Amsterdam, 2012.

Videotapes. Arte Tecnica Storia


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