Critical Texts and Essays

Interrupting the City: Artistic Constitutions of the Public Sphere

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+ spazi. Le gallerie Toselli

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Artists’ Books: A Critical Anthology & Sourcebook

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The Architectural Model: Histories of the Miniature and the Prototype, the Exemplar and the Muse

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Punk Press: Rebel Rock in the Underground Press, 1968-1980

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Conception.Conceptual Documents 1968 to 1972

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A Carnal Medium: Fin de Siècle Essays on the Photographic Nude

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Yes Yes Yes. Alternative Press. 1966-1977, from Provo to Punk [cover B]

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Institutions by Artists: Volume 2

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Edward Hopper. Biografia intima

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Marchel Duchamp. La vita a credito

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Il fotoromanzo. Metamorfosi delle storie lacrimevoli

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Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis

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Rosalind Krauss. Inventario perpetuo

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La Scuola di Düsseldorf. Fotografia contemporanea tedesca

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L’arte nello spazio urbano. L’esperienza italiana dal 1968 a oggi

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