Critical Texts and Essays

Marina Abramovic. BiographyD

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Marshall McLuhan-Quentin Fiore – Il Medium è il Massaggio. Un inventario di Effetti

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Archive Crisis: Stefanos Tsivopoulos

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Livres d’artistes l’invention d’un genre 1960-1980

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70er einmal zukunft und zurück – utopie und alltag 1969-1977

Text: Caspers Markus. cm 24x26; pp. 192; COL and BW; paperback. Publisher: DuMont Verlag, Köln, 1997.

Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing

Text: Thoburn Nicholas. pp. 368; paperback. Publisher: University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2016.

The Pragmatism in the History of Art (Preoccupations)

Text: Nesbit Molly. cm 16x23,5; pp. 128; hardcover. Publisher: Inventory Press, New York, 2020.

Out of the Bubble – Approaches to Contextual Practice within Fine Art Education

Text: Silver Susannah, Carson John. cm 21x15; pp. 120; 21 bn; paperback. Publisher: Central Saint Martins College, Londra, 2001.

Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the Present

Text: Crimp Douglas, Cooke Lynne. pp. 300; hardcover. Publisher: M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 2010.

Yes Yes Yes. Alternative Press. 1966-1977, from Provo to Punk [cover C]

Text: De Donno Emanuele, Simonetti Gianni-Emilio et al. cm 23x31; pp. 496; 64 COL e 450 BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: A&Mbookstore Edizioni, Milano, 2015.

Communication and Class Struggle 1. Capitalism, Imperialism

Text: Mattelart Armand, Siegelaub Seth. cm 17,5x26; pp. 446; BW ills.; paperback. Publisher: IG / IMMRC, New York, 1979.

Conflictual Aesthetics: Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere

Text: Marchart Olivier. pp. 192; paperback. Publisher: Sternberg Press, New York, 2019.

Beyond Geometry. Experiments in Form, 1940s–1970s

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Ribelli con stile Un secolo di mode radicali

Text: Guarnaccia Matteo. pp. 352; paperback. Publisher: Shake Edizioni, Milano, 2009.

The Big Archive: Art From Bureaucracy

Text: Spieker Sven. pp. 234; hardcover. Publisher: M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, 2008.