Among the many lessons we have learned from photography since its inception are a few about the nature of reality and its representation. Long considered a mirror image of the real world, a direct and objective record of what exists in the visual stratosphere, the photograph has come to be understood as something much more complicated and variable, something easily manipulated and modified. Subjective Realities is thus a most apt title for this publication, which presents a stellar selection of contemporary photography from the Refco Collection. Included are works by Vito Acconci, Janine Antoni, Matthew Barney, Chris Burden, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Sophie Calle, Gregory Crewdson, Rineke Dijkstra, Olafur Eliasson, Barbara Ess, Walker Evans, Adam Fuss, Ann Hamilton, Eva Hesse, Axel Hutte, Seydou Keita, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Ana Mendieta, Gordon Matta-Clark, Mariko Mori, Catherine Opie, Richard Prince, and many, many more artists. An essay by Dave Hickey introduces the book, and short texts on individual artists have been contributed by Lynne Cooke, Kathryn Hixson, A.M. Homes, Glenn O’Brien, Saul Ostrow, Luc Sante, Katy Siegel, and others. Edited by Adam Brooks.~Essays by Lynne Cooke, Dave Hickey, A.M. Homes, David Rimanelli and Katy Siegel. ~Introduction by Judith Russi Kirshner.

This volume brings together work which has startled the art world. As a collector and patron of young British artists, Charles Saatchi has been a committed supporter of British art as it is being produced. This support has extended beyond artists of renowned notoriety, such as Rachel Whiteread and Damien Hirst, to others at the cutting edge of art. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the Royal Academy in the autumn of 1997, this volume features work by more than 40 controversial or radical artists working in Britain. The book’s essays introduce the critical context of the work and document the phenomenon of the British art scene of the 1990s. There are contributions from Norman Rosenthal, Exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy of Arts, the historian Lisa Jardine, critics Richard Shone and Brooks Adams, and painter and critic Martin Maloney. The essays reveal the achievements of young artists in Britain and the role played by innovative patronage.

I testi presentati in questo libro sono dedicati all’arte italiana dal 1960 a oggi. La raccolta non pretende di offrire una sistematica rassegna di opere, artisti e movimenti che copra in modo esaustivo quell’arco temporale. Alcuni testi catturano primi piani, altri offrono panoramiche, per quanto parziali e selettive. Gli autori dei testi sono portatori di competenze, saperi e interessi assai vari: per esempio, c’è chi ha reso la storia dell’arte italiana contemporanea oggetto di insegnamento e ricerche specialistiche, chi scrive da attento testimone dei recenti artistici, chi considera la disamina delle opere d’arte inscindibile dalla politica e dalla storia delle idee. Sommario Pag.VII Attraverso l’evanescenza: appunti per un’introduzione Gabriele Guercio e Anna Mattirolo Primi piani Pag.3 Gas metafisico: la transavanguardia a New York Brooks Adams Pag.23 Gradi di visibilità: Roma anni ottanta Guglielmo Gigliotti Pag.43 L’arte povera a Roma Claire Gilman Pag.75 Eclissi: arte italiana negli anni sessanta Romy Golan Pag.105 Anni ottanta (e oltre): le ragioni dell’arte Elio Grazioli Pag.125 Le mie parole, e tu? L’arte povera e le sue affinità con il concettualismo internazionale e il romanticismo Jörg Heiser Panoramiche Pag.157 La discordanza inclusa. Arte e politica dell’arte Stefano Chiodi Pag.197 Miti anti miti Ester Coen Pag.225 Made in Italy. Fatto a mano, fatto a macchina, già fatto, rifatto Nicholas Cullinan Pag.263 Ytalya subjecta. Narrazioni identitarie e critica d’arte 1963-2009 Michele Dantini Pag.309 Il mito del Vinavil Pia Gottschaller Pag.343 L’opera d’arte e il divenire generico del creativo. Cinque momenti “italiani”? Gabriele Guercio Pag.391 In pura perdita. Strategie di opposizione all’opera-oggetto Giorgio Verzotti Pag.408 Indice dei nomi e delle opere Pag.415 Gli autori Pag.417 Ringraziamenti

SPBN is a book about love/sex/desire/lust/intimacy created with the help of Self Publish, Be Happy’s extended network of contributors. In the spirit of SP,BH’s collective ethos, a call for submissions for “naughty” pictures was launched in March 2011. More than 5,000 photographs from around the world were submitted, by both established artists and young up-and-coming practitioners. SPBN showcases 122 of these photographs by 75 different artists. The photographs, presented in a continuous flux, offer a powerful and uncompromising exploration of contemporary approaches to the themes of sex, desires and taboos within photography. From the surreal to the mundane, from the allusive to the graphic, the images challenge the tradition of erotic photobooks and their very ghettoised approach to desires. Printed in a limited edition of 1,000, each copy of SPBN is unique; art director Antonio de Luca has designed a beautiful ever-changing book, a collection of A4 posters (in the manner of Playboy centrefolds), bound together with a removable elastic band. Each copy will have an accidental sequence of pages, an echo of the fragmented and subversive nature of desire. SPBN will also include a selection of texts (from Plato’s Phaedrus to erotic stories anonymously posted online), and, like an old porn newsletter, will come in a discreet black envelope. Contributors: Joseph Akel, Morten Andersen, Brendan Baker, Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Ilya Batrakov, Lucas Blalock, Anna Bogutskaya, Parker Bright, Jake Brooks, Victor Cobo, Martina Corà, Christopher Day, Michael J. DeMeo, Bobby Doherty, Laëtitia Donval, Daniel Evans, Dora Fobert, Hannah Godley, Dana Goldstein, Roberto Greco, Tomas Hein, Åsa Johannesson, Ellen Jong, Ellen Jong and Kate Ruth, Jake Kenny, Paul Knight, Paul Kooiker, Paul Kwiatkowski, Alexander Kurmaz, Collin LaFleche, Mathieu Lambert, Bertrand Le Pluard, Nicole Lesser, Carrie Levy, Thomas Mailaender, Tommy Malekoff, Jennilee Marigomen, Aaron McElroy, Michael Max McLeod, Leah Meltzer, Matthew Mili, Ania Mokrzycka, Kristie Muller, Francesco Nazardo, Luke Norman and Nik Adam, Florian Oellers, Sean Orena, Witek Orski, Oliver Poddar and Andrew Ferguson, Angga Pratama, Karol Radziszewski, Pedro Ramos, Tobias Rose, Davi Russo, Corinna Sauer, Kirill Savchenkov, David Schoerner, Alexander Sedelnikov, Ben Seeley, Oliver Sieber, Pacifico Silano, Marija Strajnic, RJ Shaughnessy, Matthew Tammaro, Aram Tanis, Agnes Thor, Scott Treleaven, Sophie van der Perre, Erik van der Weijde, Marnix van Uum, Peter Voelker, Alex Wein, Harley Weir, Emily Yost, Irina Yulieva.