A collection of meditations on subjects related to photography which exemplify Coleman’s ongoing work as a critic and historian of photography, art, and mass media.

In Radiant Identities, photographer Jock Sturges explores issues of youth and the liberation of body and spirit. These unforgettable images are made from his own circle of acquaintances and family; the settings are their homes and stretches of naturist beaches in France and Northern California. In superb reproductions, Sturges evokes the classical spirit of Old Master paintings and late-nineteenth-century photographic tableaux, while probing concepts of emergent sexuality and psychological intimacy. Aperture’s 1991 publication of Sturges’s first book, The Last Day of Summer, came shortly after the FBI’s much-publicized raid on his home in California, the confiscation of thousands of his images–deemed “pornographic”–and the subsequent rejection of the case by a federal grand jury. Now in its fifth printing, The Last Day of Summer has outlived and transcended that ordeal, drawing both critical and popular acclaim throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and bringnig Sturges well-deserved artistic recognition. Radiant Identities is the second volume in Sturges’s ongoing work. Physically and psychically revealing, these deeply felt images are glorioiusly natural and wonderfully compelling. Elizabeth Beverly’s introductory essay, drawn in part from conversations with Sturges’s subjects, adds a new dimension to the photogarphs. These personal reflections shed light on the unique collaborative process by which Sturges’s remarkable photographs are made. In the book’s afterward, noted photography critic A.D. Coleman places Sturges in the context of current debates surrounding censorship in the arts, and discusses the themes of innocence and sexuality in the photographs.

Noted music producer and scholar Pat Thomas spent five years in Oakland, CA researching Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1965-1975. While befriending members of the Black Panther Party, Thomas discovered rare recordings of speeches, interviews, and music by noted activists Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Elaine Brown, The Lumpen and many others that form the framework of this definitive retrospective. Listen, Whitey! also chronicles the forgotten history of Motown Records.

From 1970 to 1973, Motown’s Black Power subsidiary label, Black Forum, released politically charged albums by Stokely Carmichael, Amiri Baraka, Langston Hughes, Bill Cosby & Ossie Davis, and many others, all represented. Also explored are the musical connections between Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Graham Nash, the Partridge Family (!?!) and the Black Power movement. Obscure recordings produced by SNCC, Ron Karenga’s US, the Tribe and other African-American sociopolitical organizations of the late 1960s and early ’70s are examined along with the Isley Brothers, Nina Simone, Archie Shepp, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Clifford Thornton, Watts Prophets, Last Poets, Gene McDaniels, Roland Kirk, Horace Silver, Angela Davis, H. Rap Brown, Stanley Crouch, and others that spoke out against oppression.

Other sections focus on Black Consciousness poetry (from the likes of Jayne Cortez, wife of Ornette Coleman), inspired religious recordings that infused god and Black Nationalism, obscure regional and privately pressed Black Power 7-inch soul singles from across America. 90,000 words of text are accompanied by over 250 large sized, full-color reproductions of album covers and 45 rpm singles ó most of which readers will have never seen before.

Interviews with Syl Labrot, Nathan Lyons, Ralph Gibson, Larry Clark, Keith Smith, Joan Lyons, Eikoh Hosoe, Bea Nettles, Duane Michals, George Tice, Robert Adams, Scott Hyde, A.D. Coleman, David Godine and Sid Rapoport.

Artists: MORA, Gilles, SEKAER, Peter, HILL, John T., MODOTTI, Tina, ALBERS, Patricia, STOURDZE, Sam, SAYAG, Alain, NIXON, Nicholas, GALASSI, Peter, FUKASE, Masahisa, YAMAGISHI, Koko, WESTON, Edward, TUGGENER, Jakob, GASSER, Martin, SOMMER, Frederick, DURAND, Régis, MATTER, Herbert, HEINECKEN, Robert, PITTS, Terence, STAHEL, Urs, ALBEROLA, Jean-Michel, DRAHOS, Tom, MILLET, Bernard, GRANCHER, Valéry, RONIS, Willy, BONHOMME, Pierre, RIGOLINI, Luciano, MILOVANOFF, Christian, BAZZOLI, François, BAUDRILLARD, Jean, GUNTHERT, André, CLERGUE, Lucien, ALDRICH, Stephen, COLEMAN, A.D., FURUYA, Seiichi, FABER, Monika, FUCHS, Daniel and Geo, WILLIAMS, Val, CALLE, Sophie

A photographic innovator and conceptual artist, Robert Heinecken played an important role in the development of contemporary art practice. That role is critically assessed in this exhibition catalog, which accompanies a major traveling retrospective organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. This volume, the first comprehensive book on Heinecken since 1980, illustrates all the major work in his thirty-year career, and features essays by leading photography critic and historian A.D. Coleman and exhibition curator Lynne Warren.