With a highly original approach to photography, Anders Edstram creates small sequences of sparse images which elaborate a filmic narrative of inconsequential moments, stories of moments in between moments. As Curtis Winter writes in the introduction to this artist’s book, “They appear as the aftermath of some wire brush cleaning of a slate. To which elements were slowly added. Family, some nature, friends, a bit of community, d cor. Images pulled from the gaps between changing nappies, having meals, talking, getting from here to there…” Waiting Some Birds a Bus a Woman and Spidernets Places a Crew are two volumes which collect together some of these stories.

The third issue of a yearly magazine of photographic stories, edited and designed by Belgian graphic designer Julie Peeters. Emphasising the image, the magazine is a visual reader without any accompanying text. In this special archival issue, the stories are sourced from the book collections of RareBooksParis – a secretive Instagram account which shares the rarest fashion books – and Peeters herself, and can be read as a dialogue between two personal libraries. With contributions by Shoichi Aoki, Martin Margiela, Liza Zimmerman Bloom, Joshua A. Walker, Robert Mangold, Takeshi Fujimori, Ettore Sottsass Jr., Robert Morris, Anders Edström, and more.

With contributions by Mark Borthwick, Camille Vivier, Torbjorn Rodland, Laetitia Benat, Jork Weismann, Johnny Gembitsky, Juergen Teller, Banu Cennetoglu, Jack Pierson, Bettina Komenda, Anders Edström, Giasco Bertoli Purple Look With contributions by Terry Richardson, Mauricio Guillen, Takashi Homma, Patterson Beckwith Purple Beauty With contributions by Alex Antitch, Sabine Schründer, Ange Leccia Purple Prose, “the food, drug and clothes issue” Purple Special by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Art Direction: Christophe Brunnquell

With contributions by Andreas Angelidakis, Annette Aurell, Vanessa Beecroft, Laetitia Benat, Dike Blair, Mark Borthwick, Banu Cennetoglu, Anders Edström, Maria Finn, Elein Fleiss, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Miquel Gori, Mauricio Guillen, John Minh Guyen, Anne-Iris Guyonnet, Takashi Homma, Bernard Joisten, Olaf Klaasseni, Marcelo Krasilcic, Claude Lévêque, Miltos Manetas, Jack Pierson, Terry Richardson, Torbjorn Rodland, François Rotger, Collier Schorr, Laura Sciacovelli, Kenshu Shintsubo, Chikashi Suzuki, Ellen Treasure, Viktor & Rolf, Camille Vivier.

Articles, essays and interviews deal with the construction of ideal cities, the virtue of building shelter, experiment in relocating (to the countryside, or jungle, or desert), and possibilities for living in different ways. Each copy of Issue two comes with “London 1991-1992” a 40 page supplement of photographs by Takashi Homma. Issue Two features in particular: Prof. Ron Eglash on African fractuals and urban development, Anders Edström’s images of cars, Curtis Winter on looking and speed, Apichatpong Weerasethakul talks about the jungle, Tomoo Gokita on Chofu, his rural hometown, Jun Aoki on the end of architecture as entertainment, a collection of texts gathered (and some written) by Zak Kyes, Masanao Hirayama’s (Himaa) new geological drawings, Kyohei Sakaguchi onTokyo’s homeless and zones of self-governance, Paolo Soleri speaks about his desert city-in-progress Arcosanti, Naohiko Hino on controlling uncontrollable cities.

With contributions by Anders Edström, Bettina Komenda, Donald Christie,Terry Richardson, Kenshu Shintsubo, Alex Antitch, Giasco Bertoli, Marcelo Krasilcic, Mark Borthwick, Patterson Beckwith, Chikashi Suzuki, Katja Rahlwes, Martien Mulders, Blommers & Schumm, Camille Vivier, Patrick Katzman, Tokyo Spiral 3, Giasco Bertoli, Takashi Noguchi, Collier Schorr, Ronald Stoops, Cris Moor, Maria Finn, Banu Cennetoglu Art Direction: Christophe Brunnquell