19th Century examples of life casting, with scientific and artistic associations selected from the exhibition A Fleur de Peau at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, provide a historical context for more recent sculptures that reveal how artists today use life casting for their own ends.

With Hidden Noise looks at sculpture and video art in terms of ventriloquism and its animating metaphors by presenting a selection of objects, sculptures and videos that are both evocative and illustrative of voice and voice throwing. The accompanying catalogue examines the one-to-one relationship between object and operator, sculpture and maker, and challenges the commonly held assumption that sculpture is strictly silent art. It looks at the different ways that sculptors have expressed themselves and their ideas through objects and, in turn, at how sculptures have been made to ‘speak’. Includes works by Marcel Duchamp, Asta Gröting, Lucy Gunning, Robert Morris, Juan Muòoz, Tony Oursler, Nam June Paik, Imogen Stidworthy, and Bill Woodrow. With texts by Stephen Feeke and Jon Wood, and catalogue entries by Liz Aston, Penelope Curtis, Stephen Feeke, Aura Satz and Jon Wood.