With essays by Bojana Kunst, Michael Oppitz and Benoî Turquety. Designed by Manuel Raeder and Mauricio Guillén. Soft cover with poster ‘I For Idiot’ functions as an extension of the film ‘Avenida Progreso’ in the sense that it assembles three different perspectives: a philosopher’s, an ethnologist’s and a film theorist’s, and juxtaposes these with some of the external layers of reality that have in one way or another informed the film. The purpose of this exercise, is to further consider the potential of dialectic time as a tool for collapsing linear narratives and analyzing the relation between speed, history and the distribution of knowledge in information based societies.

With contributions by Mark Borthwick, Camille Vivier, Torbjorn Rodland, Laetitia Benat, Jork Weismann, Johnny Gembitsky, Juergen Teller, Banu Cennetoglu, Jack Pierson, Bettina Komenda, Anders Edström, Giasco Bertoli Purple Look With contributions by Terry Richardson, Mauricio Guillen, Takashi Homma, Patterson Beckwith Purple Beauty With contributions by Alex Antitch, Sabine Schründer, Ange Leccia Purple Prose, “the food, drug and clothes issue” Purple Special by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Art Direction: Christophe Brunnquell

With contributions by Andreas Angelidakis, Annette Aurell, Vanessa Beecroft, Laetitia Benat, Dike Blair, Mark Borthwick, Banu Cennetoglu, Anders Edström, Maria Finn, Elein Fleiss, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Miquel Gori, Mauricio Guillen, John Minh Guyen, Anne-Iris Guyonnet, Takashi Homma, Bernard Joisten, Olaf Klaasseni, Marcelo Krasilcic, Claude Lévêque, Miltos Manetas, Jack Pierson, Terry Richardson, Torbjorn Rodland, François Rotger, Collier Schorr, Laura Sciacovelli, Kenshu Shintsubo, Chikashi Suzuki, Ellen Treasure, Viktor & Rolf, Camille Vivier.

Beyond the economic firewalls of London another England exists. In a singularly British fashion, Big 34 re-interprets traditional English sayings and customs to view the country through the eyes of the emigre. Art Direction: Daren Ellis Editor: Michael Fordham Contributors: John Akehurst, Jonathan Bloxham, David Bradshaw, Cedric Buchet, Richard Bush, Anna Cockburn, Ekow Eshun, Rick Guest, Mauricio Guillen, Nigel Shafran, David Sims, Tim Walker, Paul Wetherell, Robert Wyatt.