Admin History Release was founded in London in 1967 by Caroline Coon and Rufus Harris who established it as a direct response to the growing number of young people being arrested and/or imprisoned under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1965. Initially the most important aspect of Release’s work was to ensure that young people who had been arrested for drug charges were legally represented, as well as offer advice on individual rights regarding searches, arrests, court procedures and the interpretation of the law but Release rapidly developed into a national alternative legal and welfare organisation. Release offered a 24 hour emergency phone service (established June 1967), as well as answering postal enquiries and operating as a drop in centre for visitors to its London office. Advice was offered on a whole variety of issues including drugs, police arrests, housing problems, medical/psychiatric problems, women’s rights and abortion. Professional legal, psychiatric and medical advice was available through late evening sessions run by volunteer lawyers, psychiatrists and doctors.