A Family. Photographs by Yurie Nagashima. Korinsha. Kyoto., 1998. Unpaged. Oblong octavo (smallish size). Decorative glazed paper over boards. Internally spiral bound. Color reproductions with one gate fold. Afterword by the artist (in Japanese and English). “One day I was born and my life with this family began. I was given safety by having people who were always there for me, but by knowing its limit I was also given solitude – something that has always gotten me up from my bed. It made me confused and made me think.. I guess it even made me become a photographer to get at the answer.”–from the Afterword Yurie Nagashima has won great acclaim for this startlingly intimate portrayal of family life, in which she photographed her family in the nude. She received the prestigious Kimura Ihei award (sharing it with Mika Ninagawa and Hiromix) in 1992 and the Parco Award a year later, both while still in college in 1993. She published two other books (both in 1995) before the earlier body of work appeared in this monograph. She and Hiromix were acknowledged as the first “girl photographers” (onna no ko shashinka) and went on to inspire a new generation of young female image makers (enrollment of women in photo programs rose to about 50%). Though both Hiromix and Nagashima work in highly autobiographical modes (think Nan Goldin), the former went on to concentrate much more on commercial and celebrity work.