Cofondateur et rÈdacteur en chef d’Oz, un des premiers magazines underground, l’Australien Richard Neville se retrouve ‡ Londres, au cúur du cyclone, durant les annÈes soixante. Hippie Hippie Shake retrace avec candeur et humour cette flamboyante ÈpopÈe. De Lenny Bruce ‡ John Lennon et Yoko Ono, en passant par Germaine Greer, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Robert Crumb, Mick Jagger, pete Townsend, Pink Floyd, John Peel, Tiny Tim, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton ou Charles Shaar Murray, des rayons bariolÈs du magasin Biba aux light shows de l’UFO, du concert des Rolling Stones ‡ Hyde Park au festival de l’Óle de Wight, de Sydney ‡ Katmandou, de Londres ‡ Tanger, ce livre Èmouvant raconte les rÍves de toute une gÈnÈration et le combat acharnÈ d’une ” free press ” dÈcidÈe ‡ lutter contre toutes les censures de l’Èpoque. Une chronique haute en couleur, aux allures de roman picaresque, des swinging sixties.

A very Playboy look at the youth/counter culture of 1971. Interviews on the drug revolution with William S. Burroughs, a candid conversation with Peter Fonda, the new commix culture started by R. Crumb’s Zap, biographical articles on Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger, as well as Shel Silverstein’s take on hippies, fiction by Joyce Carol Oates and the usual batch of articles, cartoons (John Dempsey & Little Annie fanny), pictorial essays, pretty girls in the altogether and interviews. Interview Peter Fonda by Lawrence Linderman. Articles “On His Way to Epley’s Bike Shop Charley Meets a Girl with Twelve Dogs” by James D. Houston. “Sexus Perplexus” by John Dempsey. “West of Eden” by Jules Siegel. The No-Bra Look Photographed by Douglas Kirkland. Model Gloria Root photographed by Pompeo Posar. Drugs Playboy Panel “The Drug Revolution” Panelists Joel Fort John Finlator Baba Ram Dass Harry J. Anslinger Joseph S. Oteri Alan Watts William S. Burroughs Leslie Fiedler James Coburn Articles “Dance With a Stranger” by Jacob Brackman. “Silverstein Among the Hippies” by Shel Silverstein. Model Debbie Hooper. Music Personalities “Head Stone: Jagger” by Alan Coren. “All She Needs is Love: (Janice) Joplin” by John Bowers. “Good Ole Boy: (Johnny) Cash” by Saul Braun. Articles “Alice & Ray & Yesterday’s Flowers” by Saul Braun. The Girls of Hair Florence Rollin Donna Lee Shelley Plimpton Lyvia Bauer Jutta Weinhold Hanny Kirchhoff Carolyn Blakely Leata Galloway Betty Berr Elisabeth Berger Lynn Kellogg Ghristine Guenther Vanina Michel Alica Ottawa Sally Eaton Gayle Hayden Corinne Broskett Model Jennifer Liano. Politics Personality “Portrait of the Marxist as an Old Trouper” (F. Ambrose Clark) by Michael Horowitz. Articles “Revolution” by Jules Siegel. “Counterrevolution” by George Fox. “Saul Bird Says: Relate! Communicate! Liberate!” by Joyce Carol Oates. “The International Comix Conspiracy” by Jacob Brackman. “The Chicago Conspiracy Circus” by Nicholas von Hoffman. Models Vicky Drake photographed by Dick Rowan Gale Olson

Raymond Pettibon counts among his muses Henry James, Mickey Spillane, Marcel Proust, William Blake, and Samuel Beckett, and pours their mututal influence, along with a bucket of West-coast punk rock, into elegant, aggressive watercolor cartoons. This selection includes everything from city streets to alien-on-human sex, captioned, “it went on for 20 minutes instead of the required 2 because there was a live feed back home.”

This anthology gives glamour an extreme makeover. To talk about glamour is to wrestle with one of the central aesthetic paradigms of our society as the political economy of capital achieves a space for performances of the self. Glamour is not a stable trans-historical phenomenon, but a manifold and specific cultural practice. From the urbane Glanz (“gloss”) of the Weimar period to glam rock, from the glamour appropriations of Jack Smith and Andy Warhol to glamour appropriated for feminist or queer identity politics, there is no linear path of development, but rather multiple ramifications and contradictions. Compiled in association with an exhibition at the Migros Museum in Zurich, which included Leigh Bowery, Mick Rock, Francesco Scavullo, James Lee Byars, Tom Burr, T.J. Wilcox, Sylvie Fleury, and others, this book features essays by curators Tom Holert and Heike Munder, and some 120 color images.

Opere di/Works by Evan Baden, Carla Cerati, Philippe Chancel, Thierry Cohen, Stefano D’Amadio, Cristina De Middel, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Andrea Galvani, Lucia Ganieva, Luigi Gariglio, Paul Graham, Rinko Kawauchi, Esko Mànnikkò, Tim Parchikov, Anders Petersen, Alessandro Rizzi, Mick Rock, Lise Sarfati, Sergey Shestakov, Viktoria Sorochinski, Hannah Starkey, David Stewart, Hellen van Meene, Weegee, Raimond Wouda, Tobias Zielony. Testi di/Texts by Alessandro Bartoli, Cosimo Bizzarri, Ginevra Bompiani, Fabio Boni, Ilaria Campioli, Fabrizio Cicconi, Piero Del Giudice, Duygu Demir, Laura Gasparini, Elio Grazioli, Walter Guadagnini, Francis Hodgson, Dzevad Karahasan, Carlo Massarini, Rossella Menegazzo, Marinella Paderni, Riccardo Panattoni, Sandro Parmiggiani, Laura Sassi, Tiziano Scarpa, Ilaria Schiaffini, Laura Serani, Olga Sviblova, Brian Wallis.