This major monograph, a comprehensive reconsideration of the brief life and career of Ana Mendieta, contextualizes the artist’s work within its time and acknowledges her legacy on subsequent generations of artists. The Cuban-born American sculptor is celebrated for her earth-body works of the 1970s, sculptural interventions in the landscape that placed her body–or its haunting silhouette–in symbiotic relationship with nature. Using extracts from her films, original slide documentation, photography, and other archival material, this catalogue illustrates early performances from Mendieta’s student days, as well as her more well-known Silueta Series made in Iowa and Mexico from 1973 to 1980. Earth-body works executed in Canada, Cuba, and the United States in the early 1980s, and select sculptures, drawings, and installations dating to the mid-80s will also be illustrated. This publication promises to be the definitive study of the artist’s work. With the cool, restrictive rhetoric of postmodernism now largely dissipated, Mendieta’s daring amalgams of body and spirit are ready to be appreciated as major achievements. –Micheal Duncan Essays by Olga M. Viso, Guy Brett, Julia P. Herzberg, Chrissie Iles and Laura Roulet.