Laboratorio Sperimentale Grafico – Milano: Donatella Berra, Massimo Bizzozero, Max Capa, Pietro Carnelutti, Lido Contemori, Paolo De Maistri, Enzo Jannuzzi, Marina Mele, Graziano Origa, Laura Turchet, Dario Varini, Andrea Vischi. Riedizione del primo numero di Robota Nervoso; copertina differente e qualche variazione all’interno.

Double documents the exhibition series at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst. Within the framework of that series, ten historical exhibitions originally taking place at the legendary Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst in Bremerhaven were reproduce. Schneiders work N. Schmidt formed the point of departure, and then came to serve as a platform for presentations by Reiner Ruthenbeck, Lawrence Weiner, Gerhard Richter, Sol LeWitt, Isa Genzken, Abramovic/Ulay, Wolfgang Laib, Andreas Slominski and Anri Sala already realized in Bremerhaven in identical form in the past. The project thus united the art-historical depiction of the Kabinetts history with Schneiders artistic intentions, and thus lent itself to viewing and interpretation on very different levels.