“Why am I taking a picture? I think it’s because I want to take a step forward.” In intersection, evening view, outside lights, people’s flow …”

This is the work by photographer, Masafumi Sanai who had made an astonishing debut in 1997, redefining the contemporary photography and changed its whole direction. A series of frames have captured ‘time’ with his pure but wondering point of view. Lights and shadows are meticulously calculated in photos here. Each scene is taken from every ordinary day and life but presents its authenticity and personality, making a great impact on the next generation. A true masterpiece without a doubt. The origin of a leading photographer is explored here once more.


1 purple NEWS 2 WINTER ELEMENTS by Bettina Komenda & Katja Rahlwes 3 BEST of the SEASON by Anushka Blommers & Niels Schumm 4 purple INTERVIEWS ON CINEMA Gus Van Sant Olivier Assayas 5 purple FASHION FALL WINTER 2004-05 Annette Aurell Vava Ribeiro Masafumi Sanai Terry Richardson Corinne Day Katja Rahlwes Mark Borthwick 6 purple INTERVIEWS ON ART John Armelder Tim Griffin 7 COLLAGES for purple by Rita Ackermann 8 INNOCENCE and AGE by Martynka Wawrzyniak 9 BALENCIAGA by NICHOLAS GHESQUIÉRE, A RETROSPECTIVE Mark Borthwick Dominique Gonzales Foerster Ola Rindal Fabien Baron Juergen Teller David Armstrong 10 purple BIRDTALK by Richard Prince 11 purple BEAUTY Richard Kern Camille Vivier Jean-François Lepage 12 purple ARCHITECTURE Comme des Garçons in Paris Rome, Lost Modernity Mobile Architecture 13 A PLAY by Gary Indiana 14 purple PHILOSOPHY Mille morts et un ultimatum 15 purple DESERT by Dominique Gonzales Foerster 16 YALE UNIVERSITY by Drew Jarett 17 DEEP AMERICA by Jusine Kurland 18 RESERVISTS by Giasco Bertoli 19 BEATEN PORTUGAL by Bruno Santos 20 last purple INTERVIEWS Slavoj Zizek Sparks 21 purple DRAWINGS Last laughs 22 purple FASHION MEN Genetic Transmission 23 SPECIAL PROJECT In the studio New York/2004