This catalogue raisonné presents a definitive look at Belgian installation artist Guillaume Bijl. True to Bijl’s interest in intricate structures and conceptual hijinks, the volume includes an excerpt from Georges Perec’s novel Things (1965), as well as an informative interview with the artist.

The oeuvre of Maik and Dirk Löbbert thrives on constantly bringing to light surprises and adventure, where the habitual gaze has long since eroded all aspects of attentiveness. In their work, they move artistically between sculpture, architecture, painting and installation. Almost all of their works are systematic interventions into an existing space as they address the ambivalence of the interior and exterior, of the museum and the public space and resolve to shift attention in a way that is virtually paradigmatic. The questions of how, where and even whether art can be perceived, continue to interest both of them. The issue of the private and public production of meaning also occupies them. The artists challenge us to assign our own associations and meanings to the spaces that they “make available” to us. To do this, they often only need to perform a small yet striking intervention.